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Castelnuovo Berardenga

Antonimax Restaurant

Visit us at Antonimax Chianti Soul Kitchen and enjoy a unique and engaging experience in charmingly informal and hospitable surroundings, in Castelnuovo Berardenga, just twenty kilometres from Siena. Here, our ‘forte’ lies in authenticity, seasonality, professionalism, and novel innovation with great respect for tradition.

Thus, you will find a competent kitchen that will satisfy the most demanding of palates.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer dishes prepared with the freshest of ingredients, sourced daily from the finest produce that our extraordinary territory can offer. Obtaining our produce locally helps in reducing our ‘carbon footprint’, our policy being “zero Km”. Our dishes, which, are a mix of modern interpretation and Tuscan tradition, are imbued with an unmistakable, satisfying fresh taste.

With experience gained over many years of culinary activity, our staff have obtained a level of professionalism that can satisfy every type of request. This allows us to offer a service at the highest level which, by careful preparation, has contributed to making our dishes known and appreciated. In particular, we offer daily our special ‘off menu’ dishes. Based on availability and season these dishes offer sights, aromas and flavours crafted by the ingenious creativity of our chef Antonio Sorrentino.

Our mission
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Antonimax boasts a rich list of local wines, representative of this corner of Tuscany and beyond. In this way you will have the opportunity to taste local excellences like an aperitif accompanied by the chef's delicacies.

Chianti Soul Kitchen

As children of this land, we certainly cannot overlook the incredible culinary heritage of Tuscany, known and admired throughout the world. We offer many regional dishes - from the classic Florentine steak, to Caciucco and Ribollita. With careful preparation and the choicest of fresh produce, these traditional recipes are re-evaluated and sometimes given a twist of modernity. Of course, there are also the ‘other’ typical Italian dishes which, the whole world envies. Our staff lovingly and scrupulously follow the traditional recipes of these dishes in the sure knowledge that they can satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Antonimax has more! With an eye to the world of Chianti Soul cuisine our curious chef loves to use her genius in experimenting with new combinations to attract the diner’s interest and transport him to a new dimension of pleasure. Well thought out and made from high quality, fresh ingredients, the fusion dishes aim to engage the diner in new taste sensations.

Chianti Soul Kitchen
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Our guests may taste, for example, various types of carpaccio, thinly sliced Black Angus, or Chianina beef, with artichokes and marinated salmon. ‘Gnocchetti’ with Chianti Classico wine. A pecorino cheese and fava bean soufflé with a Chianti Classico sauce and many other creations from the chef that are offered daily. A ‘360 degree’ cuisine that utilises a combination of original tastes and ingredients to allows the diner to discover new and extremely satisfying flavours.

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Among the most popular dishes appreciated by our customers are those based around fish. Of course, there is always a plate of fresh pasta made in-house to be had, scrupulously prepared as tradition dictates. The skill of our chef is in creating brilliant combinations with seasonal products, enhancing, and giving incomparable flavour.

If you want to contact us to book a reservation or ask for any information, please use the booking form here.

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Chianti Soul Kitchen


Suckling Pig Shoulder Herbs

Fennel, Soft Potatoes and Jerusalem Artichoke.


Veal Tartare

Burrata, Candied Datterini Tomatoes, Iced Pesto.


Cannoli of Ricotta with Lime

Summer Herbs, Waffle of Corn, Pumpkin Flowers and Mint Zucchini Sauce.

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"I think I have a style that favors emotions on the one hand, balance on the other, without ever detracting from the most authentic taste. Finally, I like to define my Colored kitchen, where the nuances of each single ingredient are well defined, which then merge balanced for an evocative college. "

Antonio Sorrentino - Restaurant’s chef

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